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Toni [userpic]

Poem Dump 3

June 21st, 2010 (10:31 pm)
current music: "Suicidal Again"--One-Eyed Doll

Title: N/A
Word Count: approx. 300
Beta: The entirety of my junior-year Creative Writing class.
Rating: G
Summary: N/A

I met a man who slept through life.
He saw, but never quite observed.
He walked, but never did arrive.
Mostly, though, he waited—
Waited ‘til his hair was grey,
(Not with wisdom, only age)
Waiting ‘til his friends were gone,
Tired of waiting on and on.
All alone, he sat to wait,
Hoping that his time would come.
He did not see, the foolish man,
(Never having quite observed)
That Time is wild, and never stops
For men who sleep through life.

My lids are heavy,
The hour is late,
The sky is dark,
I’m still awake.

All these thoughts,
They stir my mind.
It will not settle
Or unwind.

I think it’s you
That keeps me up.
You’re the reason
I cannot stop.

Tissue boxes
On my floor—
All are empty
And I need more.

This many tears
Could drown a child,
But I’m not done,
Not for a while.

You’ve no idea
How you’ll be missed.
For your return
I’ll always wish.

Still, I know
It’s for the best.
I should calm down
And get some rest.

The tiger crouches to the ground
Eyeing her prey so carefully
She readies herself, and then
She strikes!
A fearsome blur of teeth and claws
Her prey caught unawares.
But then she screams
And fights with air
As something lifts her up,
Plops her down onto the floor
And starts to stroke her fur.
The tiger, feeling most relieved
She rolls onto her back
Exposing soft, white belly
Flecked with small, grey spots
Her captor smiles and rubs the fluff
But the tiger always knows
Eight pounds is just a number,
And she is always tough.

The rain falls,
Collides with sand—
Or is it tears?
The sky is crying,
All alone,
Lost in stunning misery.

Her teardrops crash
Into his hands.
He is the land, the world below,
Wishing he could comfort her.
Alas, he knows he cannot live
Without her stunning misery.