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Toni [userpic]

PhanFic Short Essay 3

August 8th, 2007 (04:11 pm)
current music: "Demolition Lovers"--My Chemical Romance

Title: N/A
Word Count: 82 words
Beta: Gerry
Rating: G
Summary: Description/definition of a haunted house.

In order for a place to be considered haunted, there must be at least minimal evidence of ghost-related events taking place there. (Gerry: pretty low standard!) Quite often, this evidence is merely the accounts of several different people who claimed to have witnessed said events, and can be disproven scientifically. (Gerry: How do you disprove a claim of the supernatural?) On the other hand, occasionally something will occur that is not immediately proven false, and people find themselves fascinated by the these places in much the same way that many people are drawn to horror movies. (Gerry: with the added possibility that maybe it's not just a movie, but real)