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PhanFic Short Essay 2

August 8th, 2007 (03:11 pm)
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Title: N/A
Word Count: 151 words
Beta: Gerry
Rating: G
Summary: Is it possible to believe in ghosts without believing in the soul?

It is exceedingly difficult to believe in ghosts, usually defined as lost souls, without believing in the soul. No doubt there are some who have figured out a way (Gerry: there are a few people out there who try), but I cannot think of any reason to believe that another part of a person's identity would carry on in such a way. However, it is much easier to reverse this and believe in the soul without belief in ghosts. No one can truly know what happens after death, so it is easy to disprove as many ghost stories as possible and argue that souls simply don't behave that way. A particular episode of The Simpsons comes to mind in which Millhouse tells Bart that souls can swim. (Gerry: I remember that one)
The mind is not something that anyone fully understands yet, but I feel that most people want so desperately to believe there is more involved than the brain is because of strong emotions.

Gerry's notes: Is there a principle of parsimony here? If we can explain why people believe a proposition without referring to reality, does that suggest the proposition is false?